Training Program

Studio Piraino’s training program consists of both British and French techniques in haircutting.

S.R. Certified SalonFor British haircutting, we are an S.R. Certified salon. We utilize this British haircutting program because its teachings produce confident and competent stylists who create quality haircuts in a realistic salon time frame. The training covers 10 core haircuts from short to long utilizing techniques such as layering, graduation and lines. These techniques can be incorporated in round, square and triangular shapes. Bone structure and ” client lifestyle” are discussed, and we consult with guests in order to best compliment their features. The program typically lasts approximately 9 months, and models are required.

Jamison Shaw HairdressersFor advanced French haircutting skills, our stylists study at the Jamison Shaw academy in Atlanta. With the French method, stylists learn how to cut a basic outline, how to choose a guide, and how to use interior, exterior and me’che a me’che angles to build haircuts in a flattering way for guests.

We find it important to learn as many ways to cut hair as possible. Stylists may choose one method over the other based on the guest’s consultation.