Customer Reviews

Studio Piraino knows that hair is our most important accessory and sculpts accordingly. They are excellent colorists. Despite the fact that they have years of experience, I am impressed with how they continue to study and perfect their craft.
-Betsy H.

I would recommend Studio Piraino because of the warm and happy atmosphere. It is clean and professional. And, of course, they have talented stylists. The stylists here are problem solvers. If your hair is too long, they cut it (always stylish). If your hair is too gray, they color it (perfectly). I’m getting old, and they made me a blonde and 20 years younger. When I have problems, they help me solve it, and if they can’t, they tell me a joke! I love them!

-Judy M.

I always have great looking hair when I leave Studio Piraino! They take the time to make sure I know how to get the same results when I am styling my hair. They showed me how to get my hair to curl! I have recommended them to many people over the years.
-Louise E.
Chris has a rare, gifted talent when performing hair services. He kindly listens to his clients preferences and follows through with the most gorgeous color and styles I have ever seen. His work should be featured in the finest of hair style magazines.
-Amy M.

Studio Piraino listens and makes great suggestions. I always walk out loving my hair! I like that they continue to educate themselves on the newest cutting techniques.
-Kim P.

My stylist always listens carefully to my requests and is able to make it work for my lifestyle and hair concerns. She understands and works well with curly hair.
-Cathy L.

Chris is so creative and my hair always looks great. The cut makes me look professional and the color lasts extremely well. Chris listens to my suggestions about my style and incorporates them into the haircut. I am amazed at the amount of training that Chris has taken and continues to do. He is so knowledgeable about cutting, coloring, styling, and hair products and has helped me improve my hair’s health.
-Emily W.

Studio Piraino stylists are incredibly talented and supportive of one another. There is a great environment created by Chris and his team. They consider their clients needs with their hair type, facial structure, etc. to create styles that look great and work. I love how comfortable and relaxed I feel when I’m there. Getting my hair done with them is like visiting a good friend! On top of all of this, my stylist is attentive to time and keeps me posted if she is running early or late.
-Monica U.

My stylist at Studio Piraino goes above and beyond working with my crazy schedule to get me appointments when I need them. I trust her completely with my hair – all aspects and decisions. She always does a fantastic job. She not only takes care of my hair, but she has taught me so much about how to care for my hair myself and how to style it. I feel so much better than I ever have about my hair with her guidance.
-Melanie O.

Chris does a wonderful job listening to the type of hairstyle I would like and finding a style that fits my face. I appreciate that he is meticulous about getting the style just right.
-Mary A.

My stylist is very professional while also being personable and very customer oriented. I have been coming to Studio Piraino now for many years and highly recommend them. My stylist really listens to what you want her to do and gives good advice based on her experience. She is very honest in her assessments. I recommend her to anyone who asks about my hair and several people I have told still use her as well. I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoy getting my hair done there and how pleased I have been over the last 12-15 years with the way she does my hair. She has also taught me a good deal about how to take care of my hair. I hope I never have to book anyone else to do my hair.
-Beverly C.

I have been going to Studio Piraino for more than 15 years. The salon experience has consistently been wonderful. The stylists are engaged, accommodating, and professional. The environment is very well maintained and inviting.
Over the years, Chris has always had a focus on the needs of the client. He puts his client first when it comes to their preferences, responsiveness and offering consultation. He has fully engrained that approach into the people and atmosphere of the salon.
I am very particular about my hair and I invest a lot in professional services as well as my own time and energy every day. On a regular basis, I am complimented about my hair— the color, the style, and the overall healthy look. I attribute those compliments to the fact that I can rely on Chris to always provide the best possible hair color and styling services. He is always willing to try new approaches and he takes the time to listen and advise. Chris is very talented and he constantly works to hone his skills with the latest techniques. He is equally invested in making my hair look the best it can— all the time. He is engaged, professional and talented!
-Adele S.
She’ll take care of ya – It is a small, but very comfortable studio. I have gone from dark to light more times than I can count, and my stylist is always there to help me. She has many years experience and it shows in her wonderful work.
-Citysearch Review
I’ve been going to Chris since 1994 and have never found a better hair dresser then Chris. He is always looking to hone his skills and takes into account your preferences. The entire staff is top notch!
-Leslie S.
My stylist does an awesome job. I always get the most compliments on my hair after she does her magic. Highly recommended!
-Google Review
Great guy who does great work–it is refreshing to see someone who is always learning and proud to say so– you can’t go wrong with Chris!
-Lynn G.
Studio Piraino is the best! It’s a bit tough to get in to see them because they’re in demand, so plan ahead. I wouldn’t get my hair done anywhere else.
-Beth W.
My wife and I just relocated to NC and were looking for a GREAT, not good, hair salon. Studio Piraino IS a GREAT hair design salon!

One reason we were looking for a GREAT salon is that my wife has very fine, delicate hair, so it’s particularly challenging to meet her needs. Also we’ve had salons as business clients for many years, and so we know a little about the industry and what makes a Salon GREAT.

Studio Piraino gets great marks on both accounts! They are warm, friendly, seriously concerned about your needs, offer multiple options to meet those needs, very professional…all the things you would expect.

They also went out of their way to ‘fit my wife in’ for a hair emergency appointment, even though she was a New Customer, after she received a ‘hatchet job’ on a trip out of state … They seem to love what they do, do it very well and are in tune with the latest and also the classic styles… worth every penny!
-John E.