4Studio Piraino stylists are students of the Jamison Shaw Academy, the world-renowned experts on the French Technique and Balyage highlighting techniques. For traditional British styles, we train under Sally Rogerson, former Sassoon Academy Creative Director, at S•R Education.

The French Technique
The French technique, developed in Paris, is a revolutionary hair cutting technique which uses the hair to frame the face taking into consideration the shape of the head. The resulting looks are soft, sexy and feminine. The style is built from the top down, falling perfectly into place like shingles on a roof.

JSA_logoThe French technique stands a woman up for part of her haircut so the hairdresser can study how the hair naturally accentuates her face just as an artist would study a canvas. A French haircut is followed by the classic French finishing technique, which utilizes a round-brush and a blow-dryer nozzle to create extraordinary shine.

Studio Piraino’s French haircuts result in wash and wear hair and result in several different looks for each style.

Traditional British Styles
SR_EducationLogoStudio Piraino stylists are also trained in traditional British haircutting by S•R Education, a high-quality, modern and relevant hair education program for salons and stylists. Former Vidal Sassoon platform artist, Sally Rogerson, developed S•R Education to simplify hair cutting techniques and approaches for easy understanding and use.  During Sally’s twenty years with Vidal Sassoon, she  created trends in editorial shoots and acted as an international brand ambassador. Her years as a mentor and educator have helped inspire and develop legions of influential hairdressers who continue to value education and gain respect in their craft.